Principal's Message

Mrs. Suhas Tohgaonkar
(Principal of NPPS)

“Success will never lower its standard to accommodate us, we have to raise our standard to achieve it.”

A school that believes in making a difference in the life of every child. Fostering the spirit of the excellence in all spheres of life is the focus of the school. In this era of globalization and continuous quest for excellence and quality, we believe in the pursuit of creating a curriculum rich in content, diverse in approach, flexible in methods and democratic in value.

The priority to provide conditions for the forging of characters with leadership qualities. The endeavor is to shape such leaders of tomorrow, leaders who are capable, talented, confident but also human sensitive and imaginative. We aim to nurture a student community that can contribute to nation-building and social service.

The school will consistently make endeavor towards providing basic quality education to all and imbibing values which are unique to the Indian social values.